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Eltern neugeborener Babys, so Liecke zu der Zeitung, dass ab einem bestimmten Ausma der Verarmung die Situation kippt und es zu Unruhen kommt. Dabei verndert sich die Serie fortlaufend, Katzenbabys oder Hundebabys. Hollywood auf Abruf, war verheiratet, die meist.

The Hunger

Der Mensch – die stärkste Kraft. gegen Hunger! Unsere Antwort. auf COVID The final book in the ground-breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy. Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's. Begierde (Originaltitel: The Hunger) ist ein britischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr Der Regisseur ist Tony Scott, der mit diesem Film sein Spielfilm-Debüt.

The Hunger Games 3. Mockingjay

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The Most Anticipated Movies to Stream in February Stuff I want watch. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. View all 6 comments. Aug 04, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , ebook , historical-fiction , published , read , survival.

Alma Katsu takes us on a spook-filled journey with a mix of historical-fiction and horror as we follow The Donner Party wagon train from Independence, Missouri west toward California.

And now Review to come. Apr 19, Emily rated it it was ok. As you can tell from my rating, this book was pretty hyped, and I ended up disappointed.

The Hunger is a slow-burn story, but the sense of dread that carries out from the beginning is so well done. I was expectantly waiting for it all to come together in th "He told her of a hunger that lodged not in his stomach, but his blood, an excavating hunger that festered like an unclean wound.

I was expectantly waiting for it all to come together in the end, but the book became more and more disjointed and confusing. There were too many characters, and it was hard to keep track of everyone.

I think I would have had a better time with the book if there would have been more focus on fewer characters, and everyone else was left to the background.

The chronology also got complicated - more flashbacks started popping up as the book went on, and it all became sort of convoluted.

In the end, I was left with many more questions than answers. The sense of unsettling anticipation began to fade for me during the second half or the book when I realized the focus was being removed from potential creepiness and put onto other things - mainly romance.

Characters started falling in love, and I was just ready for them to eat each other. I think Alma Katsu had a lot of good ideas, but it just wasn't a very cohesive story in the end.

The Hunger will be great for the right reader - if you like historical fiction with a bit of spookiness, or paranormal westerns, this book will probably be for you.

I enjoyed Alma Katsu's creativity, and despite my low rating for this book, I would love to see what else she comes up with. Oh my gosh, I LOVED this book!

It was so well-written, it was creepy and haunting, and I loved the paranormal spin on a story we were taught in school. The characters, their feelings, the cold, the hunger, the landscape was all described so well I cannot wait to read everything else Alma Katsu has written.

View all 9 comments. In The Hunger, Alma Katsu takes a real historical event — the dreadful fate of the Donner Party — and reimagines it as a horror story.

Of course, you could say it's already a horror story, but in this case it's the supernatural kind. We follow a large cast of characters as they head out on a journey from Missouri to California in They're beset by bad luck from the start, and their inept 'leaders' repeatedly ignore warnings to avoid the treacherous route ahead.

When a boy goes missing and In The Hunger, Alma Katsu takes a real historical event — the dreadful fate of the Donner Party — and reimagines it as a horror story.

When a boy goes missing and his body is later found bizarrely mutilated, it's just the beginning of a series of horrifying developments that will ultimately claim the lives of many of the party.

There are lots of people in this story — the majority of them based on real historical figures. We spend the most time with Charles Stanton, a single man seeking to escape a fraught past; Mary Graves, who falls in love with him; James Reed, another man with secrets he'll do anything to keep; Tamsen Donner, unfaithful wife to George; and Tamsen's year-old stepdaughter Elitha, who hears the voices of the dead.

I was a little resistant, at first, to the idea of reading lots of backstory and everyday detail about all these people, but there's more than enough charm and colour to make them intriguing.

I actually found the pacing to be the most troublesome thing about the story. In the final third, lots of things happen very quickly, and the potential tension and terror of these climactic events are lost in a confused, fast-moving narrative.

Going by the cover and blurb, I assumed the bulk of the story would take place in the frozen mountains — I was hoping for something supremely evocative and chilling, akin to Michelle Paver's Dark Matter.

In fact, most of The Hunger sees the group crossing barren desert, and Katsu's main focus is fleshing out the human characters.

This is great if you're looking for a character-driven historical saga, or want to learn more about the lives of American pioneers in the midth century; not so much if you're in it for the atmosphere and creepy scenes.

The end result is a historical novel with an element of supernatural horror in which the latter is largely incidental. I received an advance review copy of The Hunger from the publisher through NetGalley.

TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr Sure, I like a haunted house story as much as the next guy, but after a while you need something different to cleanse the palate.

And The Hunger by Alma Katsu is the perfect palate cleanser. But let it be known that this is not a fast-paced monster book where there are surprises and cliffhangers around every corner.

The Hunger is a more methodical thriller, more patient in its approach, and doesn't just hand the reader everything on a silver platter.

The world was fragile. One day, growth; the next day, kindling. As a child growing up in California, I was actually already pretty familiar with the history of the Donner-Reed party.

I am also living in Utah at present, so I know very well the Wasatch mountain range and the salt flats. I can only imagine how difficult of a crossing it must have been with wagons dubbed prairie schooners by how the canvas tops resembled the sails of a ship and packhorses, travelling at maybe 2 miles per hour, having to hope for good grazing areas and being ever conscious of water and food stores.

The pioneers of old were far braver and endured more hardships than we as a comfortable society will ever know. Like with all my reviews, I will attempt to avoid spoilers whenever possible.

Regardless, I will do my best to avoid giving away any significant plot points. Told partly in third person, and partly in epistolary format, The Hunger truly is a unique book.

And while some people may not like the epistolary format, I find that in the context of historical fiction it works quite well.

It helps give a book that old-timey feel, and is perfectly at home here. There was something dark about her soul, something remote and flickering, like a flame in wind… So while there were a few liberties taken and a few fictional characters added to round out the tale, the folks who populate The Hunger were by-and-large real people.

And we get a pretty good selection of them as point of view characters. Charles Stanton, Edwin Bryant, James Reed, Tamsen Donner, Elitha Donner, Mary Graves, and a few others round out the POV roster.

This trek was a multi-family affair, and the story being told here, fictionalized though it may be, belongs to everyone. That said, the points of view that we do follow are nice and varied.

Charles Stanton is a single man seeking to leave a troubled past behind. In a group mostly populated by families, large and multi-generational, a single man is a sort of oddity.

But though Stanton might be a slight outcast, he is a capable man with a good head on his shoulders. But while Stanton is a loner by nature, an outsider by his own design, Edwin Bryant is more accepted within the wagon train, especially due to his limited medical knowledge.

Beautiful and aloof, many of the pioneers especially the women think she is some kind of witch, hoping to ensnare the attention and affection of their men.

From a distance she seemed even more beautiful to him now, but also frightening, like a newly sharpened knife. But while Tamsen may appear to be one thing on the outside, she is quite a different person once the layers are peeled back.

James Reed is a family man and one of the more sensible men within the group, but his timid nature means that nobody really listens to him. He has a past he is also running from, a secret that he has kept hidden from everyone, including his family.

She's a sweet girl with a caring nature, but everything happening around her is threatening to consume her sanity.

And Mary Graves is somewhat of a tomboy and is rather outspoken, unafraid to speak her mind and question the decisions of her elders.

I always wanted more of her chapters, as she was refreshingly straightforward and generally cut to the chase of any conversation. And though we may think we know all we need to know about a person, there will be a chapter where they up and surprise you.

Though they lived in simple times, and maybe lived simple lives, these were no simple people…and years on the trail leaves plenty of time for introspection.

I always remembered that. This book is heavy on atmosphere, with evocative descriptions of the inhospitable landscape and the sheer isolation of the party.

It must also be said that The Hunger is just plain well written. The vernacular fits the time period, and there are some genuinely beautiful passages.

As our intrepid party gets further and further into the unknown reaches of western America, their desperation manifests in interesting ways.

The river looked to her like a bed made with clean linens. It looked like home. These are people who have left everything behind them, and on top of an arduous trek across an unforgiving landscape, they have to deal with the growing supernatural threat that is stalking them.

Not everyone emerges with their sanity unscathed. Hope, Tamsen realized, could be a very dangerous thing, especially when dealt to desperate hands.

If you like your zombies in the traditional Romero vein, you may have a problem with the creatures here. I was very happy with how the issues of gender and heritage were handled in The Hunger.

Neither women nor American Indians were treated particularly well in these times, and Alma Katsu does a good job at showing this, without being insensitive or timid.

Charles Stanton seems to know a lot of what happened to Edwin Bryant when goes off on his own, but then later we are told that the letter that Bryant wrote to Stanton was never delivered to him.

It was mostly just little nit-picky things like that. I also wanted more horror from The Hunger. But I daresay that even casual readers will find the book more uncomfortable than truly frightening.

Fortunately, Alma Katsu pulls no punches when describing victims the infected. And yes, even some of the aspects of cannibalism are described, though not to excessive levels.

That said, some of the more squeamish readers may not want to read about when bone marrow and starving people collide It is that, and much more.

I was totally hooked by this tale, and absolutely would love to read more of her works. Okay, so I realized while reading a book on similar subject matter Aka The Donner Party tragedy I never reviewed this book properly.

I sure did read it fast enough. What got me about this book was that you have real life tragedy and horror and then the author uses actual creepy horror to turn it into a sublime and freaktastic story!

The weird thing is, it could be totally plausible! You have to use your imagination a bit and think and then voila! I loved this book.

The ending left a little to Okay, so I realized while reading a book on similar subject matter Aka The Donner Party tragedy I never reviewed this book properly.

The ending left a little to be desired but this was like being there with these travelers watching it all spiral into oblivion.

Jan 08, K. Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , historical-fiction , horror , mystery , 4-stars , fiction , owned , reviewed.

Actual: 3. And well, there were a lot of events that went wrong during this trip: snowstorms, power rifts, and oh yeah, cannibalism. That, and I could tell the facts were pretty acc Actual: 3.

That, and I could tell the facts were pretty accurate because I was fascinated with this story years ago, and reading this reminded me of what I already knew.

From the beginning, I thought this was going to be a 5 or 4-star rating because I was enjoying it so immensely. The writing. The characters.

The story. Everything was really good. That said, this story still maintained its eeriness and mystery aspect.

I think it can even be labeled as horror because of how some scenes were described especially the mutilated bodies.

If not horror, then definitely a psychological thriller. Mar 01, Mogsy MMOGC rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs-and-galleys , edelweiss , review-copy , horror , historical-fiction.

The tragedy of the Donner Party is retold with a supernatural twist in The Hunger, a dark mix of historical fiction and horror.

For context, in the May of a wagon train led by George Donner and James Reed set out from Independence, Missouri like so many other pioneer families hoping to settle a new life in California.

Instead of following the typical route, however, the Donner Party opted to travel the new Hastings Cutoff, encountering poor terrain and other difficulties that slowed them down considerably, until they became trapped in heavy snowfall somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Many of the party died, and some of the survivors allegedly resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. While one could argue that the facts are already horrific enough, the author takes the suffering, terror, and dread even further still in this Oregon Trail story from hell that makes dysentery seem like a cakewalk.

In addition, periodic interludes are provided in the form of letters written by a journalist named Edwin Bryant, who has undertaken his own journey into the wilderness to conduct research on the mystical traditions of the Native American tribes living in the area.

Many of the other families are mentioned as well, bringing the number of people involved in this book to a staggering figure.

The result? Virtually limitless potential for complex character dynamics and fascinating relationships.

And indeed, Katsu made sure to take full advantage of this, giving her characters interesting backgrounds full of scandal, controversies, and mischiefs.

For many, starting a new life also meant leaving the old one behind along with painful, unwanted memories. Flashbacks are provided for most of the major characters, explaining their reasons for heading west.

These backstories also explained many of their motivations, and gradually revealed hidden pasts. As you can imagine, disagreements and bitter rivalries also occurred pretty often, and these clashes only intensified as the Donner Party ran into more problems.

In books like The Hunger, the horror aspect usually comes at you at multiple angles. First there is the stifling terror of the unknown, and of course people fear the supernatural because it is impossible to understand.

But more frightening still is the underlying darkness of human nature that reveals itself when pushed to extremes.

There are two kinds of monsters in this book: the literal kind, but also the kind that good people turn into when they feel trapped or if they or their families are being threatened.

Stress, paranoia, and desperation all play a part in this tale, making the horrific aspects feel even deeper, more distressing and malignant.

The author utilized these effects to great advantage, slowly dropping hints and details here and there, all the while sowing dissent among the party with spiteful rumors, arguments, and jealousies.

An atmosphere of suspense was kept up for the most part, though because of all the POV switches and number of flashbacks involved, these tensions were frequently interrupted.

However, this was just a minor nitpick, and besides, considering the amount of character development we got out of it, I deemed it to be a worthy trade-off.

The Hunger would be perfect for fans of dark historical fiction, especially if you are drawn to the period of American history which saw a great number of families leave their homes in the east for the west coast.

Alma Katsu does not shy away from the details of hardship and sacrifice while on the trail though, so be prepared for a harsh and unflinching look at life as a pioneer.

All in all, a standout read. Sep 22, Mike's Book Reviews rated it it was ok. So when I heard that Alma Katsu was writing what has become known as historical horror fiction about The Donner Party, my interest was peaked.

The sad part is, I was greatly disappointed with this book. It is a topic that was primed to have a supernatural spin put on one of the darkest stories within American history, those spins put on it are uninspired and unnecessary.

The story of the Donner Party are horrifying enough in their own right and the decisions that Ms. Katsu makes really takes away from those horrors.

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The Hunger

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