Into The Woods Musical

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Bachelor Sebastian Pannek (30) hat alles, bzw, was natrlich einen wichtigen Schwachpunkt darstellt! Sie ist die Neue bei Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten und wird von Chryssanthi Kavazi (28) gespielt.

Into The Woods Musical

Into The Woods ist ein Musical, in 2 Akten, aus der Feder von Stephen Sondheim (Musik, Liedtexte) und James Lapine (Buch). Die Originalsprache ist English. Originaltitel: INTO THE WOODS. Genre: Musical. Autoren: Musik und Songtexte Stephen Sondheim Buch James Lapine Deutsch von Michael Kunze. Verlag. Das Musical „Into the Woods/Ab in den Wald“ spielt im Land der Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm und des englischen Märchens von „Hans mit der Bohnenranke“​.

Into the Woods - Kaufen Sie Into The Woods - The Musical günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Handlung und Ensemble des Musicals Into the Woods von Stephen Sondheim. Das Märchen für Groß und Klein wird unter der Leitung von Maya Hakvoort im. Into the Woods ist ein Musical mit Musik und Liedtexten von Stephen Sondheim. Das Buch stammt von James Lapine und ist inspiriert von Bruno Bettelheims.

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INTO THE WOODS 1988 Tony Awards

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Kategorien : Filmtitel US-amerikanischer Film Märchenfilm Kinderfilm Musicalfilm Rotkäppchen Rapunzel Film über Aschenputtel Brüder-Grimm-Verfilmung Fantasyfilm. Shows Into the Woods. A great crash is heard, and Jack's mother reports a dead Giant in her backyard, which no one seems to care about. By BridgetJohnston. Archived from the original on January 18, Cinderella: Patricia Ben Peterson. Book Musical. The Witch explains Rapunzel's hair will not Dancer In The Dark Stream, and the Mysterious Man offers corn silk instead; Milky White produces the potion. Choreography videos. Main page Contents Current events Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. Chisum Ganzer Film Deutsch Bass-5, Cello-6, Horn-2, Full Score, Percussion-3, 1 Piano, 1 Reed 1, 1 Reed 2, 1 Reed 3, 1 Synth, Trumpets-2, Viola-7, Violin 3 Piano Conductor Scores. Estimated duration 2 min 16 sec. Into the Woods ist ein Musical mit Musik und Liedtexten von Stephen Sondheim. Das Buch stammt von James Lapine und ist inspiriert von Bruno Bettelheims Buch Kinder brauchen Märchen und bezieht Hausmärchen der Brüder Grimm und andere. Into the Woods ist ein Musical mit Musik und Liedtexten von Stephen Sondheim. Das Buch stammt von James Lapine und ist inspiriert von Bruno Bettelheims. Into the Woods ist ein US-amerikanisches Fantasy-Musical von Rob Marshall aus dem Jahr Es handelt sich um die Verfilmung des gleichnamigen. Into The Woods ist ein Musical, in 2 Akten, aus der Feder von Stephen Sondheim (Musik, Liedtexte) und James Lapine (Buch). Die Originalsprache ist English.
Into The Woods Musical

All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. Edit Into the Woods Jump to: Summaries 6 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

See also Taglines Synopsis Plot Keywords Parents Guide. Edit page. When the Baker and his wife are visited by the neighborhood witch, who reveals to them that she placed a curse on their family, the two set off on a journey into the woods to reverse the curse.

By the end of Act I, everyone has gotten their wish and will seemingly live happily ever after. The community must come together to save each other and their kingdom, but sacrifices must be made.

View All Characters in Into the Woods. Guide written by Nemuna Ceesay Sarah Sapperstein. Into the Woods guide sections.

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Estimated duration 4 min 15 sec. STAY WITH ME. Arranged for 2 FEMALE VOICES. WITCH'S LAMENT. Starting Key Gm. Estimated duration 2 min 16 sec. YOUR FAULT.

Show Essentials Book by. James Lapine. Music and Lyrics by. Stephen Sondheim. Full Billing. Into The Woods. Hello, Little Girl. I Guess This is Goodbye.

Maybe They're Magic. Our Little World. I Know Things Now. A Very Nice Prince. Giants In the Sky. It Takes Two. Stay With Me. On The Steps Of The Palace.

Ever After. So Happy. Any Moment. Moment In The Woods. Your Fault. The Last Midnight. No More. No One is Alone. Children Will Listen.

Full Song List. Sunday in the Park Sweeney Todd. A Little Night Music. Classic Broadway. Book Musical. Tony Award Winners. High School Hits. Into The Woods Costumes.

INTO THE WOODS - GOLDEN HARP AND OTHER PROPS AVAILABLE FOR RENT. Into the Woods - Costume Rental. Into the Woods - Milky White.

Full Marketplace. Show History. Critical Reaction. Further Reading. Introduction to an depth conversation between authors Stephen Sondheim and James Composer Stephen Sondheim discusses the opening number of Into the Woods.

Authors Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine discuss how Into the Woods can be designed Librettist James Lapine gives insight for directing Into the Woods.

Authors Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine discuss casting and characterization for Librettist James Lapine talks about the fairy tales that influenced Into the Woods.

Composer Stephen Sondheim explains the importance of 5 notes in Into the Woods. Composer Stephen Sondheim discusses the legendary role of the Witch in Into the Woods.

Cinderella flees the Festival, pursued by another Prince, and the Baker's Wife hides her; asked about the ball, Cinderella is unimpressed "A Very Nice Prince".

Spotting Cinderella's gold slippers, the Baker's Wife chases her and loses Milky White. The characters recite morals as the day ends "First Midnight".

Jack describes his adventure climbing the beanstalk "Giants in the Sky". He gives the Baker gold stolen from the giants to buy back his cow, and returns up the beanstalk to find more; the Mysterious Man questions the Baker's price of a child, and steals the money.

Cinderella's Prince and Rapunzel's Prince, who are brothers, compare their unobtainable amours "Agony".

The Baker's Wife overhears their talk of a girl with golden hair. She fools Rapunzel and takes a piece of her hair. The Mysterious Man returns Milky White to the Baker.

The Baker's Wife again fails to seize Cinderella's slippers. The Baker admits they must work together "It Takes Two".

Jack arrives with a hen that lays golden eggs, but Milky White keels over dead as midnight chimes "Second Midnight". The Witch discovers the Prince's visits and demands Rapunzel stay sheltered from the world "Stay with Me".

She refuses, and the Witch cuts off Rapunzel's hair and banishes her. The Mysterious Man gives the Baker money for another cow.

Jack meets Little Red, now sporting a wolf skin cape and knife. He brags about his adventures in the sky, and mentions a golden Giant's harp.

She skeptically goads him into returning to the Giant's home to retrieve it. Cinderella, torn between staying with her Prince or escaping, leaves him a slipper as a clue "On the Steps of the Palace" , and trades shoes with the Baker's Wife.

The Baker arrives with another cow; they now have all four items. A great crash is heard, and Jack's mother reports a dead Giant in her backyard, which no one seems to care about.

Jack returns with a magic harp. The Witch discovers the new cow is useless, and resurrects Milky White, who is fed the ingredients but fails to give milk.

The Witch explains Rapunzel's hair will not work, and the Mysterious Man offers corn silk instead; Milky White produces the potion.

The Witch reveals the Mysterious Man is the Baker's father, and she drinks — he falls dead, the curse is broken, and the Witch regains her youth and beauty.

Cinderella's Prince seeks the girl who fits the slipper; the desperate stepsisters mutilate their feet "Careful My Toe".

Cinderella succeeds and becomes his bride. Rapunzel bears twins and is found by her Prince. The Witch finds her, and attempts to claim her back, but the Witch's powers are gone.

At Cinderella's wedding, her stepsisters are blinded by birds, and the Baker's Wife, now pregnant, thanks Cinderella for her help. Congratulating themselves on living happily "Ever After" , the characters fail to notice another beanstalk growing.

The Narrator continues, "Once Upon a Time Everyone still has wishes: The Baker and his Wife face new frustrations with their infant son; newly rich Jack misses the kingdom in the sky; Cinderella is bored with life in the palace "So Happy" ; but all are still relatively content.

With a tremendous crash, a Giant's foot destroys the Witch's garden, and damages the Baker's home. The Baker travels to the palace, but his warning is ignored by the Prince's Steward, and by Jack's Mother.

Returning home, he finds Little Red on her way to Granny's; he and his Wife escort her. Jack decides to slay the Giant and Cinderella investigates her mother's disturbed grave.

Everyone returns to the woods, but now "the skies are strange, the winds are strong" "Into the Woods" Reprise.

Rapunzel, driven mad, also flees to the woods. Her Prince follows and meets his brother; they confess their lust for two new women, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty "Agony" Reprise.

The Baker, his Wife, and Little Red find Cinderella's family and the Steward, who reveal the castle was set upon by the Giant. The Witch brings news that the Giant destroyed the village and the Baker's house.

The Giantess — widow of the Giant who Jack killed — appears, seeking revenge. As a sacrifice, the group offer up the Narrator, who is killed.

Jack's mother defends her son, angering the Giantess, and the Steward silences Jack's mother, inadvertently killing her. As the Giantess leaves in search of Jack, Rapunzel is trampled "Witch's Lament".

The Royal Family flee despite the Baker's pleas to stay and fight. The Witch vows to find Jack and give him to the Giantess, and the Baker and his Wife split up to find him first.

Cinderella's Prince seduces the Baker's Wife "Any Moment". The Baker finds and convinces Cinderella to join their group.

The Baker's Wife reflects on her adventure and tryst with the Prince "Moments in the Woods" , but stumbles into the path of the Giantess and is killed.

The Baker, Little Red, and Cinderella await the return of the Baker's Wife when the Witch arrives with Jack, found weeping over the Baker's Wife's body.

The Baker turns against Jack, and the two, along with Cinderella and Little Red start to blame each other before the four turn on the Witch "Your Fault".

Chastising their inability to accept the consequences of their own actions, the Witch throws away the rest of her beans, thus regaining her powers so that she can vanish, abandoning the group "Last Midnight".

Grief-stricken, the Baker flees, but is convinced by his father's spirit to face his responsibilities "No More". He returns and lays out a plan to kill the Giantess.

Cinderella stays behind with the Baker's child and confronts her Prince over his infidelity; he explains his feelings of unfulfillment and that he was only raised to be charming, but not sincere, and she asks him to leave, which he reluctantly does.

Little Red discovers her grandmother has been killed by the Giantess, as the Baker tells Jack that his mother is dead. Jack vows to kill the Steward but the Baker dissuades him, while Cinderella comforts Little Red.

The Baker and Cinderella explain that choices have consequences, and everyone is connected " No One Is Alone ".

The four together slay the Giantess, and the other characters — including the Royal Family, most of whom have starved to death, and the Princes with their new paramours Sleeping Beauty and Snow White — return to share one last set of morals.

The survivors band together, and the spirit of the Baker's Wife comforts her mourning husband, encouraging him to tell their child their story.

The Baker begins to tell his son the tale, while the Witch offers a final lesson: "Careful the things you say: Children will listen" "Finale".

Into the Woods premiered at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California, on December 4, , and ran for 50 performances, under the direction of James Lapine.

Kenneth Marshall as Cinderella's Prince was replaced by Robert Westenberg who also played the Wolf , LuAnne Ponce, who played Little Red Ridinghood, was replaced by Danielle Ferland , Ellen Foley , the Witch, was replaced by Bernadette Peters.

Kay McClelland, who played both Rapunzel and the Stepsister Florinda, stayed with the cast but only played Florinda, with Rapunzel being played by Pamela Winslow.

The show evolved, and the most notable change was the addition of the song " No One Is Alone " in the middle of the run. Into The Woods opened on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre on November 5, , and closed on September 3, , after performances.

It starred Bernadette Peters , Joanna Gleason , Chip Zien , Kim Crosby , Ben Wright , Danielle Ferland , Chuck Wagner , Merle Louise , Tom Aldredge , and Robert Westenberg.

The musical was directed by James Lapine, with musical staging by Lar Lubovitch , settings by Tony Straiges , lighting by Richard Nelson , costumes by Ann Hould-Ward based on original concepts by Patricia Zipprodt and Ann Hould-Ward , and makeup by Jeff Raum.

The original production won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award for Best Musical, and the original cast recording won a Grammy Award.

The show was nominated for ten Tony Awards, and won three: Best Score Stephen Sondheim , Best Book James Lapine and Best Actress in a Musical Joanna Gleason.

Peters left the show after almost five months due to a prior commitment to film the movie Slaves of New York. Other cast replacements included Dick Cavett as the Narrator as of July 19, for a temporary engagement after which Tom Aldredge returned , Edmund Lyndeck as the Mysterious Man, Patricia Ben Peterson as Cinderella, LuAnne Ponce returning to the role of Little Red Ridinghood, Jeff Blumenkrantz as Jack, Marin Mazzie as Rapunzel as of March 7, , Dean Butler as Rapunzel's Prince and Kay McClelland, Lauren Mitchell, Cynthia Sikes and Mary Gordon Murray as the Baker's Wife.

The show was filmed professionally with seven cameras on the set of the Martin Beck Theater in front of an audience with certain elements changed from its standard production only slightly for the recording in order to better fit the screen rather than the stage such as the lighting, minor costume differences, and others.

There were also pick up shots not filmed in front of an audience for various purposes. This video has since been released on Tape and DVD and on occasion, remastered and re-released.

Tenth Anniversary benefit performances were held on November 9, , at The Broadway Theatre New York , with most of the original cast.

This concert featured the duet "Our Little World," written for the first London production of the show. On November 9, , most of the original cast reunited for two reunion concerts and discussion in Costa Mesa, California.

Mo Rocca hosted the reunion and interviewed Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine as well as each cast member.

Appearing were Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Danielle Ferland, Ben Wright and real life husband and wife, Robert Westenberg and Kim Crosby.

A United States tour began on November 22, , with Cleo Laine playing the Witch, replaced by Betsy Joslyn in May Rex Robbins played the Narrator and Mysterious Man, Charlotte Rae played Jack's Mother, and the Princes were played by Chuck Wagner and Douglas Sills.

The set was almost completely reconstructed, and there were certain changes to the script, changing certain story elements.

The month tour [12] played cities around the country, such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida , Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts from June to July 16, , with the reviewer for The Washington Post writing: "his lovely score -- poised between melody and dissonance -- is the perfect measure of our tenuous condition.

The songs invariably follow the characters' thinking patterns, as they weigh their options and digest their experience. Needless to say, that doesn't make for traditional show-stoppers.

But it does make for vivacity of another kind. And Sondheim's lyrics I think you'll find these cast members alert and engaging.

The original West End production opened on September 25, at the Phoenix Theatre and closed on February 23, after performances. It was directed by Richard Jones , and produced by David Mirvish , with set design by Richard Hudson, choreography by Anthony Van Laast , costumes by Sue Blane and orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick.

The show received seven Olivier Award nominations in , winning for Best Actress in a Musical Staunton and Best Director of a Musical Jones.

The song "Our Little World" was added.

Into The Woods Musical
Into The Woods Musical The score is also notable in Sondheim's output, because of its intricate reworking Hotel Wassermann development of small musical motifs. Outstanding Music. Thank you. Directed by Rob Marshall. With Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt. A witch tasks a. Musical numbers Prologue: "Into the Woods" – Narrator, Cinderella, Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, Jack's "Cinderella at the Grave" - Cinderella, Cinderella's Mother "Hello, Little Girl" – Wolf, Little Red Ridinghood "The Cow as White as Milk" - Baker, Baker's Wife * "I. AllMusic Review by Timothy Monger [+] The original soundtrack to Disney's film adaptation of Into the Woods reveals a few changes to the beloved Stephen Sondheim musical, but for the most part keeps its soul intact. The film, which offers a modern take on a number of different Brothers Grimm fairy tales, stars Meryl Streep as the witch who has cursed a baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) to a childless life. Into the Woods is a musical about a baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) who long to have a baby. They discover a witch (Meryl Streep) put a curse on their house long ago and, in order to lift the curse and have the ability to have a baby, they must fulfill the witch's tasks within three nights. Into the Woods. Licensed Version () The Brothers Grimm hit the stage with an epic fairytale about wishes, family and the choices we make. James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone's favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece and a rare modern classic. Artikel in blickpunkt musical Rauchen kann tödlich sein! Die übrig gebliebenen Personen beschuldigen sich Chernobyl Series Stream alle gegenseitig, für die Tragödie verantwortlich zu sein, und letztendlich beschuldigen sie Sondersendung Heute die Hexe. Der geheimnisvolle Mann fällt tot um, da er durch seine Hilfe bei der Suche nach den Zutaten seine Tat wiedergutgemacht hat.
Into The Woods Musical

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Als die drei Hans finden, überwinden sie gemeinsam die Riesin.


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